Things to do

Meet the neighbours!!!
  Wildlife viewing - bears, deer, wolves, seal, sea lions, mink and otters Eagle catching fish British Columbia
  Whale watching
  Bird watching - eagles, herons, blue jays
  Fishing - salmon, halibut, rock cod, red snapper, prawns, crab
  Check out Pierre's Bay website for our summer Current Events
Beautiful sunset at Pierre's Bay British Columbia
Curl up and read a book while you sneak a peek at the ocean’s ever changing moods. Sigh!
  Start your own walking club. Pierre's Bay has skookum wide docks!
  Enjoy the scenery as you peddle away your cares on our exercise bikes
  Watch the sunset with your loved ones and friends as you sip on ?
  Bring out your rusty guitar or ? and sing for sheer pleasure rather than perfection
  Family fun - borrow our games - Scrabble; Pictionary; Dominoes; cards etc
  Sea Kayaking
  Echo Bay Provincial Marine Park - walk around and stretch your legs. The park is accessible by government dock; moorage is limited to boats under 7 meters long. There's a Community Hall here, built in the '60's and a one room school established in the 1920's; still in operation and the one our sons attended.
  Bill ProctorBe sure to visit Bill Proctor's Museum and Gift Shop in Proctor Bay .

Billy is affectionately thought of as our unofficial "mayor"; a very kind man who's lent his hand to all.

He's a living encyclopedia and enthusiast of our area, having lived in this neck of the woods all his life.

Proctor Bay is the first home to your port side around the corner from Echo Bay. If you are already at the Echo Bay Provincial Park, you can walk through the woods to Billy and Yvonne's place.

Bill has a great collection of artifacts from ancient times and the more recent history of logging, fishing and trapping.

Bill welcomes visitors between 10:00a.m. and 5:00pm.

Bill is also the author of "The Heart of the Rain Coast - a Life Story" (co-authored by Alexandra Morton) and "Full Moon Flood Tide" (co-authored and illustrated by Yvonne Maximchuk)

VHF Channel 16 "Ocean Dawn"

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Local fishing guide - Chris Bennett:
Located at Blackfish Lodge, Baker Island 25 years experience fishing the local area.
Can pick up from/drop off at Pierre’s at Echo Bay.
Available year round by reservation only.
Email or call to arrange your fishing trip.